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GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000

Registration Number: CNAB076-Q




Shanghai Zhuerna High-Tech powder Material Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the research,production and marketing of nanometer powder materialand pearlescent pigment.The company is located in Shanghai Nanxiang Economic Development District.The company is a certified unit of ISO9001-2000.The area is about 30000 square meter.The total investment sum is forty million.The company holds powerful techical force,advanced production equipment; perfect quality assurance system and high qualification employees.which guarantees the superior quality of SCI pearlescent pigment products and nanometer material. With the supports from domestic famous universities and institutes,the company marches on the integrative developing road of scientific research-production-marketing-service and does its best to develop high performance pearlescent pigment and nanometer materials such as nano zinc oxide,nano alumina,nano zirconium oxide,nano titanium oxide and so on.SCI pearlescent pigment have some features of various varieties, superior quality and complete chromatogram; These nano oxides have some features such as smaller size,homogeneous distribution,good dispersibility,etc.All of them are welcomed by customers in China and abroad.The company provide our clients with prompt,effective and outstanding product and service,and promote innovative nano materials to different fields.Wish you and SCI pearlescent pigment and nano materials to create bright future together!

SCI Pearlescent Effect Pigments  
  • SCI-100 Silvery white series

  • SCI-200 Iridescent series

  • SCI-300 Golden series

  • SCI-400 Coloring  series

  • SCI-410 Magic series

  • SCI-500 Mica ferrous metal color series

  • SCI-6000 Crystal synthesizes series

  • SCI-7000 Diamondream series

  • SCI-8000 Special Metals color result Series

  • SCI-9000 Super Weather Resistance Series



    SCI Nano Meter

  • ( SCI ) nano ZnO
  • ( SCI ) nano TiO2
  • ( SCI ) nano Al2O3
  • ( SCI ) nano ZrO2
  • ( SCI ) nano SiO2